Tor browser is using light theme (breeze?) although in system settings i set arc-darker as theme for gtk apps. I tried setting GTK2_RC_FILES to my .gtkrc-2.0 but it didn't help. Is there a way to make it use arc theme, like, for example, firefox does?

This is how firefox looks

This is how firefox looks

And this is tor browser looks

And this is tor browser looks


I installed torbrowser-launcher version 0.2.9-2 which provided me with the Tor browser which itself is based on Firefox 60.3.0esr:

About Tor browser

The point to note is that Firefox is and has been a gtk3 application since Firefox 46. So your gtkrc-2.0 settings will not be effective.

I suggest you look at System Settings > Application Style > GNOME Application Style and make a suitable choice there.

GTK3 theme settings

  • I tried those settings, but they doesn't seem to affect tor browser, but they do affect all other gtk apps, though. – fredboy Nov 21 '18 at 14:24
  • Well, now that you know that .gtkrc-2.0 has nothing to do with Firefox, I hope you'll be able to figure things out. I don't have Tor on my Kubuntu system to help you. – DK Bose Nov 21 '18 at 14:37

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