When I'm using the Terminal (only there), it keeps showing ^[[2~^[[2~^[[2~ at random times, even when I am neither pressing any key at all on my keyboard nor even touching the trackpad. On average, I would say I get 5 lines full of that input in 20 seconds (although sometimes I can be around 2 minutes without that problem).

The only relevant post I have found so far is the one titled Why the terminal shows “^[[A” “^[[B” “^[[C” “^[[D” when pressing the arrow keys in Ubuntu?. If the arrows are responsible for those symbols, which key is responsible for ^[[2 ?

What is causing the problem, and how can I solve it?


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With a bit of trial and error, on my system I found that the Insert is ^[[2~. You can check this in a terminal by pressing CtrlV (to turn on Verbatim mode), then pressing Insert. It's possible the key is faulty and sending in keypresses randomly. I have heard of programs which inhibit sleep by simulating keypresses (perhaps Caffeine?) so that might also be a cause.

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