I've got an irritating issue with losing focus on xubuntu 18.04 while changing workspaces. Lets assume, that I've got 2 displays and 2 workspaces. Active windows are arranged like this:

                 [Workspace 1]
   [display 1]                   [display 2]

 Terminal                   PhpStorm Project #2
 PhpStorm Project #1        Chrome Window #1

                 [Workspace 2]
   [display 1]                   [display 2]

Settings Window             Spotify
Chrome Window #2
  1. While being on "Workspace 1", I've got active "PhpStorm Project #2", so the Chrome window is under that active window. Also, terminal is above "PhpStorm Project #1".

  2. Now, I'm moving to "Workspace 2". Here I have settings window active and Spotify.

  3. Next step: going back to "Workspace 1". Content on display 1 has not changed, but suddenly I've got Chrome window active instead of "PhpStorm Project #2". Also, PhpStorm should be active, but instead of that, an active window is the Terminal :D. In other cases, Chrome is stealing that focus.

What is wrong? How to deal with that problem?

I'm using Xfce v4.12 interface.

  • I'm having the same issue with PHPStorm on Xubuntu 16.04 (for a few months now). – Andreas Huttenrauch Nov 20 at 15:38
  • 1
    I've edited this question to removed your second question, as we like to stick to a single question at a time, and I think it is already asked here if you search for it. – jdv Nov 28 at 20:40
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This seems to be an issue with PhpStorm and IntelliJ platform in general.

In order to fix it, as per comments in their issue tracker, you need to add this to idea.properties file: suppress.focus.stealing=false and restart PhpStorm.

I had the same problem on Debian with XFCE and this solved it for me.

  • Oh... my... god.... it's working :D. I've been waiting for this day for sooo long. – Krzysztof Trzos Nov 29 at 11:53

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