Perusing thousands of photos from my smartphone transferred to my computer is a bit of a challenge. Separating the wheat from the chaff is a time consuming late-night endeavour. What makes this particularly challenging is WhatsApp, as it is configured on my phone (by default) sends/receives compressed, lower-res images, rather than full-res. Sharing a photo taken by one's own smartphone would, to my understanding, leave the full-res photo on the phone and additionally create and save a compressed, lower-res and renamed copy of the sent photo in a WhatsApp directory, effectively creating a lower-res duplicate.

As the first iteration of my envisaged workflow I'd like to select unique photos only (over a range of folders and sub-folders). If a given photo exists more than once (either at the same size (same resolution) or at different sizes (different resolutions), I'd like to select only one copy and explicitly only a copy of the highest available resolution (ignoring all lower-res copies).

Building on these two related questions

how could I accomplish this in a jiffy?


The upshot / meaning of this exercise would be to include in the initial photo selection also photos received in WhatsApp - as long as these are unique and no higher-res copy exists elsewhere (on my phone / computer).

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