While upgrading from Ubuntu 18.04 to 18.10, a prompt came out asking something about Latin and non-Latin keyboards (I have also installed the greek keyboard) and switching between them. I was given a drop-down menu for shortcuts and I chose left ctrl+ left shift. When I try the shortcut nothing happens.

When the installation finished, I noticed that when I use the left shift for the Mozilla shortcut ctrl+shift+tab for switching to the previous tab, it goes forward. When I use the right shift key the shortcut functions.

Same thing with the ctrl+shift+T shortcut for restoring the last closed tab.

I think that the two things are related.

Is there anyway I can undo this thing? I'm left-handed and it's quite annoying, besides being a stupid bug...



Open the Activities, type Settings --> go to Devices --> Keyboard

Then click the row that you want and you'll see the window Set shortcut

Hold down the desired key combination (press backspace to reset or esc to cancel).

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  • the problem is that i'm stuck with "alternative switch to next source" which is left ctrl + left shift and i cannot change that from the settings. i can only change "switch to next source". i can see the "alternative switch" in settings -> languages -> options, but not in the keyboard->shortcuts part. – jesus Nov 15 '18 at 22:31

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