I'm trying to make my own unattended install image based on 16.04 server-mini.

Its working great so far. Only 1 step missing: On boot, the installer loads a installer boot menu: boot menu I changed the default entry, so if I hit enter the installer downloads the kickstarter config file and everything. Fine.

But i dont want to hit enter. I want the installer to automatically boot the default entry.

How can I achieve this?

my txt.cfg looks like this:

 default install
label install
    menu label ^Install
    menu default
    kernel linux
    append vga=788 initrd=initrd.gz --- quiet noprompt ks=http://[some_IP]/ks.cfg
label cli
    menu label ^Command-line install
    kernel linux
    append tasks=standard pkgsel/language-pack-patterns= pkgsel/install-language-support=false vga=788 initrd=initrd.gz --- quiet 

Thank you very much

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