I've checked this link for suggestions but I can't seem to get a .sh script working. I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux (from Windows).

Why crontab scripts are not working?

Here is the dummy .sh I'm testing.

It's called testing.sh

#! /bin/bash

ls > testing.txt

Here is how my crontab looks like:


* * * * * "/home/name/Desktop/Instragram Scraper/Instagram looter/batch_scripts/testing.sh"

* * * * * "/home/name/Desktop/Instragram Scraper/Instagram looter/batch_scripts/daily_0.sh"

 ****other randoms cron jobs******

I've looked at the environmental paths for cron as well as the shell and but it seems they have variables in common so I'm assuming PATH is not a problem?

Here is Crontab's environmental variables (so I tried changing the shell command by adding it to the top of the cron file):


Here is env from the shell:



Not sure what I'm doing wrong.


It seems the text files are being created under HOME, so I was looking at the wrong place. However when running a real (not dummy) cron command, the cron command doesn't seem to be running these commands from my .sh script:

"instalooter hashtag "donut" "/media/name/data/" -n 100 -j 2 --new"

basically the instalooter command doesn't seem to be running,

which if I run via the cmd line or if I run the same script via command line, those commands have no problem being ran.

Is this an variable problem?

Thank you.

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    1. No space after #! 2. Try without spaces in filename 3. Make sure script path is absolutely correct and executable – qwr Nov 14 '18 at 5:07
  • You can change the path to "/home/name/Desktop/Instragram\ Scraper/Instagram looter/batch_scripts/testing.sh" after you fixing your path in the test script the file will be created in the home directory of the user running the cron – Manula Waidyanatha Nov 14 '18 at 5:21
  • @ManulaWaidyanatha Ah, I see. I though it would be created in the directory of the .sh file. I see the text files being created. However, the crontab is not running the non-dummy commands "instalooter hashtag "donut" "/media/name/data/" -n 100 -j 2 --new" I've updated the OP. – Sayaka Nov 14 '18 at 5:56
  • @Sayaka what is the instalooter path edit your script and give the full path to the command. You can get the full path by which instalooter. – Manula Waidyanatha Nov 14 '18 at 6:09

You need to get a clear error message in order to solve this, although this appears to be a PATH variable problem(in such case you might need to concatenate path of your program to crontab PATH variable)

To get a clear error message from your command you need to redirect Standard Error Stream of the command to Standard Output Stream and redirect it to a file's input stream this can be achieved with 2>&1 operator, where the numbers represent file descriptors(wont go into details here).

command args > /debug.txt 2>&1

After modifying the the script once the crontab executes your script, you can look at debug.txt for error messages.

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