I’m trying to install Ubuntu 16.04 PowerPC on an iMac G4, however I’m running into much difficulty, despite following directions from other users.

Attempt 1: DVD-R I purchased some 4.8 GB DVD-R disks from amazon and installed Ubuntu 16.04 PowerPC on it. However, even pressing and holding C on startup would not let it boot. It would simply eject the disk.

Attempt 2: USB from OF I attempted to boot it from the open firmware via a usb drive with the same iso installed on it but with no avail. I thought I was getting somewhere with the command boot ud:, \\:tbxi (see image one) but after beginning to boot off of it (see image 2) it gave me the fatal error symbol (img 3). How can I get it to boot?

Image 1: OF Image 2: enter image description here Image 3 (immediately after 2): failing

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