Around 1 month ago I was forced to buy a new notebook (Asus Zenbook UX331UN) and decided to roll with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in dual-boot with Windows 10. At first everything seemed to work fine, but after a while I noticed a strange behavior:

  • When I'm using my external mouse and keyboard (Logitech, connected via bluetooth-sender plugged into a USB slot) the mouse pointer randomly freezes around every 5 mins. The touchpad on the notebook is still working without any problems and so is the keyboard (which means the bluetooth connection is still alive). This problem occurs more often if I switch windows (e.g. between Firefox and VS Code) and some expensive background-task is running. I already searched for hours online for any similar problems, but could not find anything.
  • In rare cases the clicks from the touchpad also seem to become
    disabled (which means that the cursor is moving but you cannot click anything on the UI). I suspect that this may have the same root cause as the problem above.

I used the same external mouse / keyboard with my previous notebook running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS without any problems of that kind.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


My mouse didn't work after upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04.

The origin of the problem was the mouse emulation in Tweaks which was switched on.
Remove the emulation with:

Tweaks -> Keyboard and mouse -> Remove mouse click emulation


Activities -> Search -> Optimizations -> Keyboard and mouse -> Disable mouse click emulation

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