I have a problem with the system printing service:

My usb printer used to work just fine, and then I tried to a setup print-server - the whole system hanged up, and after reboot, no matter what I do, I have this message from the GUI settings for printers ...

System printing service not available: system printing service not available

I was trying to restart cups.service and cups.socket as advised in :

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS -- Printing Service Not Available Printing service not available

and cups.socket stays "green" until I look up into the GUI settings for printers, which seems to do something that resets cups.socket again ...

Here is a screenshot of the "best" cups situation: services are not dead

and that's how it looks like right after I check out the GUI printing settings: services fail

I also tried to reinstall cups, - no luck here either.

system info

Any help/advice is appreciated, as I really don't want to reinstall the system, and chances are everything would crash again after I attempt to setup the print-server ...


I had the same problem. The solution given in this link solves the problem.

There is a default configuration file which should be installed in /usr/share/cups/cupsd.conf.default so I ran:

sudo cp /usr/share/cups/cupsd.conf.default /etc/cups/cupsd.conf
sudo service cups restart
  • systemctl status cups.socket is still failing, but the rest seems to be working! cups is back; printers sections in settings is back etc. Looks like I did something wrong the first time I've tried it. – sergpolly Jan 6 '19 at 5:25

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