I have an Asus Android Zenfone 2 which I'd like to access through CLI (I have no problem via GUI, as soon as I connect it to the pc via USB cable, file manager pops up). I've created a mount point in /media/MTPdevice then I typed jmtpfs /media/MTPdevice/ -o allow_other but this is what I get back from Terminal:

$ jmtpfs /media/MTPdevice/Internal\ storage/Music/ -o allow_other
Device 0 (VID=0b05 and PID=5f02) is a Asus Zenfone 2 ZE550ML (MTP).
ignoring libusb_claim_interface() = -6PTP_ERROR_IO: failed to open session, trying again after resetting USB interface
LIBMTP libusb: Attempt to reset device
Unable to open ~/.mtpz-data for reading, MTPZ disabled.Android device detected, assigning default bug flags
fuse: bad mount point `/media/MTPdevice/Internal storage/Music/': Input/output error

Why can't I access or even navigate the filesystem of the phone with, say, ls command?

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