How to move half left - half right a window in the same workspace with shortcut on Ubuntu 18.04.

On 16.04 it was ctrl+win+ left or right.


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super+Left Arrow
super+Right Arrow
super+Up Arrow
super+Down Arrow

Will snap to the half left, half right, full screen and the initially opened window position.

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Oddly enough, my keys didn't work the way @YuganTej described above; after my upgrade from 16.04 LTS to 18.04 LTS. However, that answer did help me figure out how to move the windows to both sides of the screen, finally.

The key combinations that work for me are:

Super+Left Arrow

Super+Right Arrow

Ctrl+Super+Up Arrow

Ctrl+Super+Down Arrow

I also checked to see if anything from GNOME Extensions were conflicting, by toggling the ones I have installed (Workspace Matrix being one of them), but no cigar.

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