I just installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my Lenovo ThinkPad T410.

The inbuilt webcam is not displaying any video using Cheese. Also I have no sound at all when playing video or audio. When the Ubuntu OS boots up I don't even hear the sound at start up.

Please how do I get Audio and Video to work?

I have checked the Sound settings, and in the hardware type my sound card reads:
Internal Audio 1 output/1 input - Analog Stereo Duplex.

Can I please get some assistance with installing the proper drivers or getting both audio and video to work?


I have a T410 too and have no problems with sound, although I can't get the webcam to work either.

This is probably too obvious, but try turning up the volume using the buttons above the keyboard? Also unplug headphones/headset to see if that makes a difference.


I could get back the sound by volume-up with the hardware-keys BEFORE bootup of Ubuntu, ie in BIOS.

After I raised the volume there, it worked in Ubuntu too.

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