Video does not work in 17.04. In the audio video install has Cheese, rhythm box & videos play movie. Have disc 18.04, but it won't install. Tried to upgrade says zesty won't work with bionic. Have being trying to install other drivers, but get broken packages or other errors.

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    Possible duplicate of Bootable USB of Ubuntu Minimal CD – karel Nov 8 at 20:42
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    Possible off-topic question. Ubuntu 17.04 (released 2017.April hence release version) had 9 months of supported life; Zesty upgraded to 17.10 (2017.October release; Artful) which also had 9 months of support. Both releases are now EOL, so your upgrade path is now closed (archives get moved to old-releases). Your 17.04 question is off-topic (see If you ask about problems with your attempt to install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS we can help you! (and if you don't want to upgrade every 9 months, use LTS releases only as they have 5 years of support) – guiverc Nov 8 at 22:58