I have a problem launching Ubuntu Mate startup in qemu-arm.
Here we have qemu-3.0.0 with libusb.
I installed it with

$ ./configure
$ make install
$ cd arm-sofmmu

Here is the qemu command line input:

$ sudo qemu-system-arm -M raspi2 -kernel /mnt/kernel7.img -append "$(cat /mnt/cmdline.txt)" -drive file=/media/alireza/62DCD1493FEA67A0/mate.img,if=sd,format=raw -m 1024 -cpu cortex-r5 -dtb /mnt/bcm2709-rpi-2-b.dtb -append "root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootfstype=ext4" -usb -device usb-mouse,bus=002,vendorid=0x1d6b,productid=0x0004 -smp 4

and here is the output:

$ qemu-system-arm: -device usb-mouse,bus=002,vendorid=0x1d6b,productid=0x0004: Bus '002' not found

I have this USB device and I want to capture it:

$ lsusb

Bus 002 Device 004: ID 09da:000a A4Tech Co., Ltd. Optical Mouse Opto 510D / OP-620D

How do I fix this?
My libusb status is= yes in ./configure.
But I am using another USB input -usbdevice then using this and this output:

qemu-system-arm: -usbdevice mouse: '-usbdevice' is deprecated, please use      '-device usb-...' instead
qemu-system-arm: -usbdevice mouse: Error: no usb bus to attach usbdevice mouse, please try -machine usb=on and check that the machine model supports USB
qemu-system-arm: -usbdevice mouse: could not add USB device 'mouse'

I have reacted with adding an USB device to qemu-arm -M raspi2.
How do I add the USB device in qemu-arm -M raspi2?

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