I'm very new to Ubuntu, but decided to give a go, over my current Windows 10 installation. And everything is running just find, except for the sound.

The issue: - The system doesn't seem to recognize my headphone and speakers as two separate devices, even though they ARE plugged in to their own respective jack input. (This was not an issue on windows). I have a jack input in the top front on my cabinet, and the direct input on the back (the sound card, which is build in).What I've tried:

  • Rebooting.
  • Unplugging the jack's.
  • Adjusting the volume, also in Alsamixer.
  • Restarting Alsamixer.
  • Add Semilated device with paprefs
  • Reinstalling Alsa and Pulseaudio


At the moment, I have only my headphones plugged in, but it seems as whenever I have them both plugged in (which is the use-case I'm going for) alsa automatically mute my headphones.

Also, as far as I can see the system sound settings, only ONE analog input is recognized, and ONE digital (I do not use the digital input). So, my guess would be that both my analog ports (physically) are recognized as the same thing, not sure how to resolve this though.



Sound Settings

Hardware info:


Input Devices


I really hope you might be able to help me out! I very much appreciate any help given!

Please let me know if I have left out any important information!


As per the suggestion of @Qumber Rizvi I tried installing Pavucontrol. This didn't solve the issue, but heres what I learned:

In Pavucontrol I can change between two different outputs ("Line Out" and "Headphones") under the "Analog Build-in Analog Output". If I choose "Line out" it is just my speakers playing. If I choose "Headphones", both my speakers and my headphones are playing?

Screenshot of Pavucontrol

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