I'm trying to pre-configure Okular to add it to my custom Ubuntu image. but I can't seem to find the right config files. I need to edit the main toolbar to add a few more buttons like a fullscreen button that is easy to access with one click. the files in the ~/.config folder(okularrc and okularpartrc) don't seem to store the toolbar settings and can't find the ones that do

  • Possible duplicate of Taking KDE config files with me – mja Nov 5 '18 at 18:24
  • @MarkJ.Adams already read that question, I'm using Lubuntu image as my base and I don't have .kde folder. actually even copying everything in the Home directory doesn't work – user22341 Nov 5 '18 at 18:34

As you've found, neither ~/.config/okularpartrc nor ~/.config/okularrc store information relating to changes made to the main toolbar.

Here's an image of the toolbar I have before adding a couple of buttons:


I then used the GUI found in Settings > Configure Toolbars to add a couple of buttons (outlined in red) as seen below:


I found that these changes were recorded in ~/.local/share/kxmlgui5/okular/shell.rc, in Kubuntu 18.04.

On running diff on shell.rc before and after the changes I get:

$ diff 0shell.rc 1shell.rc
>   <Separator weakSeparator="1"/>
>   <Action name="help_contents"/>
>   <Action name="help_about_kde"/>

Of course, the line numbers maybe different on your system.

You've mentioned that copying the entire home folder doesn't help and I would assume that ~/.local/share/kxmlgui5/okular/shell.rc would be copied as well in which case you should have been able to carry over the changes. It's possible that something else is required but I don't know what that would be.

Edit: I just installed okular on Lubuntu 18.04. The same file, ~/.local/share/kxmlgui5/okular/shell.rc, exists there as well.

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