I have several movies in a folder.

For example:

~/Downloads/Movies/Movie A (1998).mkv  
~/Downloads/Movies/Movie B (1999).mkv  
~/Downloads/Movies/Movie C (2000).mkv

I would like to put each file into its own folder, and name the folder identical to the file name. I have many files, so I would like to be able to do this in a batch if possible.

For example:

~/Downloads/Movies/Movie A (1998)/Movie A (1998).mkv
~/Downloads/Movies/Movie B (1999)/Movie B (1999).mkv
~/Downloads/Movies/Movie C (2000)/Movie C (2000).mkv

I have tried to use the bash command on this page

find . -name "*.mkv" -exec sh -c 'mkdir "${1%.*}" ; mv "" "${1%.*}" ' _ {} \;

However, I get the error message:

mv: cannot stat '': No such file or directory

The folder is created correctly, but the command fails to move the file into the folder, and I get the above error.

Which part of

; mv "" "${1%.*}" ' _ {} \;

is incorrect, and how so?

Also, if there are other commands or scripts you think would do the job, that would be appreciated.


"" should be "$1". That argument of mv should be the file to be moved, and obviously it can't be left empty.

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