No ability to see "Network" in the OpenStack dashboard.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. On last screenshot, Devstack is on the left, Ubuntu/Openstack/Conjure-up is on the right. Devstack there for comparison only.

juju status

lxc list

Devstack on the left, Ubuntu/OS/Conjure-up on the right

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I am pretty sure by now you have removed this deployment so I will answer for benefit of other people who come across anything similar. You could try to see what went wrong with:

juju debug-log --replay

And see why this specific machine had problems. Also, it seems that it doesn't have an IP address, Maybe take a look inside the container -in this instance, it would be lxc exec juju-59a369-11 bash and see if there is anything in the logs of the container. Start with ip a to check for address.

To resolve I would run

juju add-unit neutron-api

This will deploy another machine (lxc) and unit of neutron-api called neutron-api/1 and add all required relationships. Afterwards its a case of

juju remove-unit neutron-api/0

to clean up.

Hope this will help. B

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