So, I've been using Xubuntu for some years, now, and I've been having a different experience with the lock/login screen every time there's a new version.

When I type in my LUKS password, the screen is ugly and lo-rez. I've had instances in which this would look nice but then it's impossible to type anything in.

After fixing the previous problem, my next issue is that when I lock the screen, I get a really ugly lo-rez login screen, as if there are no graphics drivers. The login screen is just fine when I'm not logged in for the first time, but not when I lock the screen.

I need to be able to allow for multiple users to use this desktop without having to log the other one out, yet locking the screen breaks the graphics for everyone else. They can log into their account, but, again, it's as if there are no graphics drivers, and nothing is usable.

I have found nothing that is similar to my issue, and I've tried finding it off and on for months since Xubuntu 18 dropped.

How do I fix this?

GPU: NVidia GTX 630


I had same problem as i described here - Ubuntu 18.04 + Nvidia = VGA resolution for second logged in user

I asked (a lot) on Nvidia official forums and after quite a bunch of tests they found nothing. Apparently its a bug which appears only on Ubuntu 18.XX (18.10 have same problem), XFCE and Nvidia drivers 39X series.

Only solution i found is to switch out to another DE. Nor LXDE nor MATE (i settled on this one) is not showing this problem. Another option is to drop binary Nvidia drivers and use opensource Nouveau drivers.

I should also note that mixing XFCE with another DE (for example one user on XFCE and another on MATE) will not help - once someone login into XFCE all other session will be broken completely (i.e. not able return to other sessions).

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