I am using skype (skypeforlinux) in Ubuntu 16.04. I have noticed that when open 4 skype processes are active.

More specifically I have:

  • 2 processes of skypeforlinux occupying approximately 162 and 52 MB respectively.
  • 1 process with full command: /usr/share/skypeforlinux/skypeforlinux --type=zygote --no-sandbox occupying 12 MB and finally
  • 1 process with fully command /usr/share/skypeforlinux/skypeforlinux --type=gpu-process --no-sandbox --supports-dual-gpus=false --gpu-driver-bug-workarounds=9,27,84 --disable-gl-extensions.... (it has more than this) with 87 MB.

The final process also occupies 57MB of GPU memory according to nvidia-smi.

So, I have 4 processes summing up to 313 MB and I haven't even starting using skype yet. Is this normal behavior? Are all those processes necessary for the typical operation of skype? Could I kill some of them (I guess not but I am asking to be sure). Is there a way to reduce the memory footprint of skype anyway?


It is normal. The Skype went through many changes in last years. The one most noticeable is that the developers disabled the old versions of Skype (including Smart TVs) and left only the most recent versions. There is no low resources version of Skype, when you are not counting the one for Android and other phone OS-es.

Below is the list of processes, when the Skype is idle on your computer.

List of Skype processes when idle

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  • So, there aren't many I can do to save some RAM as I get it? – Eypros Oct 30 '18 at 11:44
  • Not that I know at the moment. – kukulo Oct 30 '18 at 11:48

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