I host an Ubuntu server for hosting a couple of game servers for a couple of friends. It is an intranet server so security is not an issue.

My issue is as follows. Inside my home/user/ folder i have a .local folder that contains part of the game server saves/mods folder. I wish to have friends to be able to ftp into the server and be able to add/copy items. I have enabled ftp access to the home/user folder and when you login it lists all the folders and files apart from any with a . extension i.e .local I am at a bit of a loss and I am not sure quite whats causing the issue whether it is vsftp, Ubuntu or the ftp client.

I have included what is in the folder via ls -la in the terminal and what I get when logging in via the smart ftp client.

To clarify, I am asking how can I get the ftp client to see all the folders and files that ls -la shows. As the files I need to access are within one of said folders

Any help is appreciated



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    Those are hidden folders/files, all of the .something. help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/… – user880592 Oct 26 '18 at 22:01
  • @GabrielaGarcia I feel like quite the idiot. I really thought it was vsftp. But that simple option in the ftp client. Thanks for the input. I have spent 2 hours trying things :) – Ryan Walkowski Oct 26 '18 at 22:03
  • If I didn't know what that dot means I would be like you searching for settings in the server side. – user880592 Oct 26 '18 at 22:14
  • @GabrielaGarcia If you post your comment as an answer ill mark it as the answer – Ryan Walkowski Oct 26 '18 at 23:16
  • OK, I will try to expand it a bit to make more useful. – user880592 Oct 26 '18 at 23:17

Files or folders starting with a dot are, by Unix/Linux convention, hidden files or folders.

As such, they are being served like any other files or folders but not seen by the clients.

This guide describes the settings needed for some FTP clients so they can "see" hidden files/folders. Depending on the client being used by those accessing your server the instructions vary a lot.

For the ubiquitous FileZilla (free, open-source and multi-platform) it's as easy as:

  1. Click the Server tab at the top.
  2. Select Force showing hidden files.

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