On Unity Ubuntu 16.04 I want to type づ instead of ず they are both pronounced as "zu" in romanji and I do not know how to type the different variation.

Do you know what to type in order to display the korrect kana?

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    Nowadays I am using Mozc, not Anthy, but maybe the keyboard entry is the same. In Japanese IME or WP applications I have used before, you would enter "dzu", but in mozc it is "du". Doesn't make a lot of sense but that's romaji for you. Give it a try. – user3169 Oct 27 '18 at 5:54
  • Yeap that was the kana. following the answer I found it out. – Dimitrios Desyllas Oct 27 '18 at 12:54

I do not know exactly what to type BUT you can find out especially for those using Greek as system language via folowing theese steps (for those using English one the images are pretty much self-explanatory anthy settings are in English as well):

  1. Go to input method settings:

Selecting Imput method changes

  1. On the window opened Select "Anthy" and click on the icon shown in the image bellow:

Selecting anthy configuration

  1. On the anthy settings window select "Typing Method": Window on selection what tab to select what romanji to type

  2. Then select the button next to Πίνακας Πλήκτρων Ρομάτζι (for English System Language users look at the image): Select the Romanji list

  3. Afterwards you can search got your kana you need to type and look the correct english keyboard combination as the following image shows:

Key combinations to type the correct hiragana

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