I'm on WSL. I went to zsh from bash and based on this advises here I added source ~/.bashrc at the beginning of my ~/.zshrc file in order to be able to use nvm, node, npm commands in zsh. But now when I open my WSL bash, i see infinite errors like below...

enter image description here

I tried ctrl+c, exit all don't do nothing...I need to go back to my ~/.zshrc to try other ideas..


Run the ubuntu.exe with a specific command to bypass your login shell. Something like one of these commands:

ubuntu.exe run bash
ubuntu.exe -c bash
ubuntu.exe -c vim .zshrc

Then use bash or Vim to fix your zshrc.

Sourcing .bash_profile or .bashrc from .zshrc is terrible advice. It would be better if you copied the nodejs settings from .bashrc to .zshrc, or put them into a separate file and source that from .bashrc and .zshrc.

  • oh man, hell yes, you saved me. I'm grateful. Thank you!!! – kyw Oct 26 '18 at 12:22

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