I'm hoping to add search and replace within selection and search within files. Having a search option in the context menu would also be handy.


For searching within files I found this plugin: http://oliver.github.com/gedit-file-search/.

The ability to search and replace only selected text has been requested for years
( https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=150010 ) but I haven't found any plugins to do that.

A complete list of gedit plugins: http://live.gnome.org/Gedit/Plugins

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Is this gedit search plugin what you're looking for? Instructions to install are on that website.


This thread is really old, but here is a little update. For gedit 3 I would recommend this plugin advanced-find over the gedit-file-search, because I was not able to install the latter with my gedit 3.4.1. Also, it works fine.


From 16.04 onwards, the gedit-plugins package adds a "Find in files..." menu option into the hamburger menu (into the same section where the original "Find..." feature is located).

The default directory to search (can be overridden) is the currently active directory in the file-browser panel (provided by the accordingly named core plugin) (the file browser panel can be toggled on/off by F9).

The search is recursive in subdirectories. Replace feature is not available.

Obtain it with:

sudo apt install gedit-plugins





Found the standalone plugin in the packages inventory; maybe it can be installed on its own? (I can't try, I have already installed the entire set.)


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