This question is a follow up to Strange symbols in front of suspicious services

I have the following are dead service references om my AWS EC2 instance that is running as an email exchange for my own domain.

UNIT                           LOAD      ACTIVE   SUB     DESCRIPTION
ΓùÅ auditd.service             not-found inactive dead    auditd.service
ΓùÅ connman.service            not-found inactive dead    connman.service
ΓùÅ console-screen.service     not-found inactive dead    console-screen.service
ΓùÅ display-manager.service    not-found inactive dead    display-manager.service
ΓùÅ exim4.service              not-found inactive dead    exim4.service
ΓùÅ fcoe.service               not-found inactive dead    fcoe.service
ΓùÅ iscsi-shutdown.service     not-found inactive dead    iscsi-shutdown.service

I have been assured that these cannot and has not harmed my server in any way. Still, I don't want to leave them dangling since this email server is my child and I can't stand it wearing torn clothes.

The task might seem trivial but I would please like advise on what action to take to resolve this?


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