I am running a C++ program which wants to enforce its own scheduling policy. It keeps giving warnings that it doesn't have the rights to, and I want to give it all the rights that it wants!

I tried doing:

sudo nano /etc/security/limits.conf

and adding:

@users          -       rtprio          99
@users          -       nice            -19

Then I did: sudo usermod -aG users gsamaras, where gsamaras is me, the one and only user.

After closing the terminal, and trying again, it still gives the warnings.

I also tried using gsamaras instead of @users in limits.conf directly, but still no luck. Any ideas?


After changing user groups, or editing /etc/security/limits.conf, you need to logout and login again to make it work.

They are not going to be effective right away in your current session.

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