Blank Google Window-ImageI've read threads about how after people type in their email and password, if they have 2 step verification, have a blank window when getting to the verification window. However, that is not my problem. My problem is that the google account window is completely blank from the get go. I see it trying to search google as the blue bar on top goes across the screen. I can even hover over the area where I think the email is, as the cursor changes to indicate a text entry, and enter it, and then I can hover over the area where I think the password is and enter it and my google app on my phone will prompt me to verify the login attempt, which I then do, the bar on top goes accross and I see the window processing the approval but I can't get any farther. I guess where the blue ok button should be as the cursor changes in the right location to a hand pointer but I can't get any further as clicking where I think the blue ok button would be doesn't do anything, nor does scrolling down. So the point is that it is processing the email and password and even the 2 step verification, but I'm doing it blindly as the window is always blank.

** UPDATE 10-31-18 ** BTW, I have duplicated this problem accross several linux distro's. I see it on Linux Mint and oddly in Fedora 28. The same exact problem. When opening the google account, I see it processing the info and expect google to display the login info, but it's blank. But if I hover over the correct areas I can guess where to put in the email address because the cursor changes from an arrow to a cursor and if I hit enter, I can guess where to put in the password, and it will send me the link to approve, due to 2 step verification, on my google app on my iphone which I can then approve. But that's as far as I can take it without seeing any further info.


As a workaround, you can start gnome-control-center with compositing disabled with:


as esplained here

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    This worked for me in Ubuntu 20.04. Thanks. – Apurba May 14 '20 at 22:14

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