I have a problem with screen tearing on Ubuntu Mate 18.10. The screen tearing happens in all browsers (scrolling, YT, Netflix, HBO Go) and video players like SMplayer, VLC, Kodi.... And also across the sistem. I tried to change the window manager to "Marco with Compton" or "Compiz but it didn't help. Also created conf file in xorg named 20-intel.conf with lines but it didn't worked Section "Device" Identifier "Intel Graphics" Driver "intel" Option "AccelMethod" "sna" Option "TearFree" "true" EndSection

My PC configuration is following. CPU:Procesor Intel Pentium G4560, GPU: Intel HD 610, MBO. Gygabite H110M-S2V, RAM. Patriot Elite DDR4, 2666Mhz, 8GB HS, SSD:SILICON POWER S55 240GB, PSU: Frton Hexa Plus 400W 80+,

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