If I click System Tools > Fcitx and click the keyboard, my computer will freeze until I kill lxpanel, and my wifi is showing twice, as shown in the following image. I will ask how to fix Fcitx in a separate question, but for this question: How do I fix lxpanel showing wifi twice?

taskbar showing wifi icon/applet twice


This is a known bug that ultimately lies in the fact that the lxpanel-indicator-applet-plugin shipped with lxpanel is trying to do the job of all other indicators (read: system tray icons). It does create conflicts with more than just networking and may also be the cause of your issues with fcitx.

The solution: remove the plugin:

  1. Open a terminal and run lxpanelctl config
  2. Click on the "Panel Applets" tab.
  3. In the "Currently loaded plugins," click on "Indicator applets."
  4. Click the "Remove" button.
  5. Click the "Close" button.
  6. Log out/in.

In lieu of the logout, you may need to restart nm-applet, fcitx, and optionally add the "Volume Control" plugin. Potentially more depending on what indicators the plugin was trying to manage.

Note this works on LXDE, so is only applicable to Lubuntu ≤ 18.04. Also note that previous versions have had issues with multiple icons due to nm-applet being launched more than once, which is obviously not the same situation.

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