I tried to search an open public api for getting the list of packages available in Advanced Packaging Tool (APT), but was unable to find any. Could anyone point me to the right direction. Following are my use case:

  • Get the list of apt packages available
  • Get a small description corresponding to the package, along with the website, if any.
  • Download stats for that particular package
  • It's pretty easy to simply parse the data from /var/lib/apt/lists, since you seem to want data on all packages in the Ubuntu repositories. – user535733 Oct 24 '18 at 15:35
  • Otherwise, you seem to be looking for the apt-cache command, which has options to provide exactly what you seem to be asking for. See man apt-cache – user535733 Oct 24 '18 at 15:46
  • @user535733 I'm looking for web api. Not local machine – argo Oct 24 '18 at 16:38
  • Apt (deliberately) cannot be remotely controlled (or queried) by web interface, whether local or remote. Apt does not listen for web connections. The only web-related apt package is apturl, and it (deliberately) doesn't do any of the actions you are asking for. It's pretty much that simple. The only remote-control apt application is Landscape, a proprietary application sold by Canonical. Most folks use SSH to login to a remote machine and use apt from there. Volume users purchase Landscape or roll their own SSH-based solutions. – user535733 Oct 24 '18 at 17:52
  • see askubuntu.com/questions/620956/… – Rinzwind Oct 24 '18 at 18:15

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