I've been trying to compile FleaFPGA-JTAG-Linux for a while now but I keep getting the linker errors:

cannot find -lftdti1

cannot find -lusb-1.0

When I run pkg-config --libs --cflags libftdi1 I get :

-I/usr/config/libftdi1 -I/usr/include/lib-usb1.0 -lftdi1 -lusb-1.0

On checking whether the .h files exist in the directories above, I can confirm that ftdi.h and usb-1.0.h indeed live there.

The repo for fleaFPGA-JTAG-Linux can be found here



I finally found the solution. The Makefile comes precpecified with -m32 as a GCC Flag. Under $CFLAGS.

Deleting this led to smooth compilation. I'm on a 64-bit computer. I assume it means compile for a 32-bit architecture. So it looks for 32-bit .so libs

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