I have a Lubuntu 18.04 installation, and I got a virus on it! I never though that I could get a virus on Linux, but apparently I can.

I don't what virus specifically is, but it removed all the items (including the trash can) from my desktop and Firefox opens up a billion popups from "IQ Option", "CryptoTab", "Enlarge your penis with this natural method", "How to earn a lot of money fast" and that type of stuff.

I tried researching on how to remove CryptoTab (because it is now my homescreen, that I cannot change), but apparently it can only infect Windows and Mac, and I couldn't find a way to remove it.

Also ClamAV cannot detect it, and it not even scans the entire partition, because it get stuck on system/modules.

Edit: This installation if from around 3 months ago, and I not installed any software recently. The most recent ins is GeoGebra, that I installed because there was nothing to do. Besides that, I not installed any extensions to any application. I already checked in the Firefox addons and plugins, and there is nothing there too.

Basically how can I know if that is any sort of malware, or if it just changed the startup configuration of Firefox, and simultaneously something also blanked my desktop (I also noticed that this happens just sometimes. Today I turned my computer and my desktop was back again). And how could I fix this?

Note: I used adf.ly recently, and the ads on it are the same that open on Firefox startup.

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    Please rephrase your post so that it is clear what you are asking. – Organic Marble Oct 23 at 22:42
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    Can you add some more info: How old is your installation? Is there any new software you have installed recently and where from? Have you tried installing plugins or extensions for anything (including Firefox, but other software too)? – thomasrutter Oct 23 at 22:43
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    It appears that CryptoTab is a Firefox extension. Does this help? support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/disable-or-remove-add-ons – chili555 Oct 24 at 1:42
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    Sounds like you've been visiting some 'naughty' sites where these advertising pop-ups tend to occur. But they're not viruses. They don't harm or infect your system or files like a Trojan or Ransomware does. Eg the site 'crypto-tab.com is a legit site, unlike Cryptolocker which is Ransomware. – Paul Benson Oct 24 at 2:03
  • Possible duplicate of How do I block ads in Firefox – karel Oct 28 at 6:59

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