I've noticed that Ubuntu 10.10 manages single .deb files with the Ubuntu Software Center. Since I find it too heavy to load I've installed gdebi with: sudo apt-get install gdebi and I've set it as default application to open any .deb file.

My question is: is it safe/supported to use this kind of operation? I mean: does gdebi still relate to internal apt-get to satisfy dependencies and install .deb files?


It should be just fine to use gdebi the way you are using it.

Both accomplish the same thing. Gdebi does relate to internal apt-get to satisfy dependencies and install .debs. It worked in previous versions of Ubuntu, it will work in Maverick.


Gdebi is still part of the standard Kubuntu installation and it still works the same there as it used to. As I understand it, the reason why it was removed in Ubuntu has nothing to do with problems with Gdebi, but rather with improvements to Software Center that made it extraneous.

I say, go for it.


It is PERFECTLY safe. I frequently prefer to use the lightweight GDebi instead of Software Center, especially during the SC installation bug period.

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    It's perfectly safe assuming the source .DEB is safe. :) – Broam Nov 11 '10 at 21:14
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    @Broam: Yes, but in that case using Software Center will not make it any better, unless the SC has some special way of protecting against unsafe debs. – Boris B. Jun 12 '12 at 9:05

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