I have been dealing with this issue for a while now, and none of the FAQ's I've gone through provides useful insight. Feeling Zen now, so I'm kindly asking you for a hand.

I have installed MaaS 2.5 inside an LXC which is bridged to my network. That is, it gets ipv4 from our network DHCP server. I also have an existing KVM-ready virsh-pod, prepared for composing KVM machines (according to: https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/create-kvm-pods-with-maas#0; that is, libvirt networks and storage pools are configured for MaaS. In fact, I have tested this by virt-install'ing VMs manually).

The thing is that when I try to create a machine via GUI or CLI, MaaS gets stuck commissioning; so deployment never occurs.

MaaS logs (https://pastebin.com/raw/EYJuUdhS) do no provide useful info, and qemu-kvm logs at the pod just throw a warning I think complaining about not supporting SVM (pod's an Intel host, so VT-x is indeed supported and enabled) https://pastebin.com/raw/y4aT8FUy.

Any experience with this issue? Am I looking for the error in the right places? Help! (?)!

Thanks in advance

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