I have just bought a new keyboard: HP omen 1100 italian layout. It is an ANSI keyboard with italian labels on it. I'm not able to correctly configure the keyboard in ubuntu 18. The closest layout I was able to find is the italian layout. All keys work as expected but one: the '<' key is usually located (on ISO keyboards) between the left shift and the z key. However the ANSI layout has no key there (the shift key is larger) and instead the '<' sign is marked on the key between the right Fn and Ctrl keys where in the US layout one has the "menu" key. But if I press such key I get the 'menu' key as I would get with the US layout.

I've tried all layout proposed in the "italian" menu... no one is working.


My solution so far:

xmodmap -e "keycode 135 = less greater"

this changes the key mapping of the "menu" key to match the layout of my keyboard.

It's not clear to me if this solution is permanent and what happens if I mix this with the keyboard selection of ubuntu configuration.

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