I have created a user that I called netbean

Netbean is part of three group:

  • netbean (obviously),
  • www-data (that is the group the apache server runs under)
  • sudo (to have the sudo rights just in case).

I use it to manage the upload of files from my laptop (where i develop) to the webserver.

Issue is that if I try to cd to /var/www/html as netbean i get a permission denied. /var/www/html is modded at 665 and is owned by www-data:www-data.

I don't understand why I get a permission denied since it is read and write for www-data and for the users in the www-data group

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    Directories need to get executed to enter them. You need 775. – pLumo Oct 22 '18 at 14:25

Directories need executable permission to be able to enter them. Use 775 instead of 665.

mkdir dir
$ stat -c %a dir
$ cd dir #this works
$ cd ..
$ chmod 655 dir
$ cd dir
bash: cd: dir: Permission denied

You have to edit the permissions of your directory/file, inorder to access/edit it. If your directory name is 'example',

$sudo chmod a+x example

If your file name is 'filename.ext' where 'ext' is your extension,

$sudo chmod a+x filename.ext

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