I may need to update this with more info later today but...

I’m using an MTC-H5 modem through a USB connection with Ubuntu to upload data from a remote location. So it is important to have a script to automate this process.

Occasionally the modem will become unresponsive. To resolve this issue, I can restart Ubuntu but I have noticed that sometimes it takes about 2 minutes for the restart to complete (not a big deal). If I unplug the modem while waiting for the GUI to come back up, it will finish restarting immediately.

Today I noticed that the modem was in an unexpected state with all the lights on (I’ll refer to the manual and update what this means later)

I’ve tried to use a command to change the USB power and auto suspend so I can just reset the power to the modem directly, but I get “permission denied”. I think this might be due to the port continuously being used, but I’m unsure.

The BIOS has priority 1 of start up set to Ubuntu, not the USB.

Is there a setting I can change or script/command I can use so that I can ensure Ubuntu will restart properly with the USB modem plugged in, even in an unresponsive/unexpected state? Any ideas as to why Ubuntu won’t restart properly with the modem usb inserted?

Preferably there would be a guaranteed way to power cycle the modem without restarting Ubuntu but I think I’ve read power controls depend on the driver of the device. Or possibly if I can force the modem usb to unmount, restart Ubuntu, and then have the modem usb remount once Ubuntu is ready.

Thanks in advance

  • I suggest you address the "modem becomes unresponsive" issue first. Also, inspect the system logs with journalctl -b to see what's going on at boot. – waltinator Oct 19 '18 at 20:48

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