I'm trying to figure out the best way to sync a google drive using Lubuntu. So far, I am trying grive and it seems to work. My goal is to sync only one folder in my google drive. I managed to get that by using

grive -s Education/Saint-Laurent

That command will sync that folder. I tested and it worked well. Now, I searched around google a little bit and found a way to setup Lubuntu to auto sync a specific google drive account. What I used was

systemctl --user enable grive-timer@grive.timer

systemctl --user start grive-timer@grive.timer systemctl --user enable grive-changes@grive.service systemctl --user start grive-changes@grive.service

That worked, but using that would sync the whooooooooole google drive, which I don't want. Is there a way to auto-sync just one folder ? "grive" is the name of my google drive folder located in my home directory.

I tried replacing grive by the full path to the folder I want to auto sync. Obviously that didn't work.

Has anyone had any similar problems ? I'd like to get a single folder to be autosynced! Thanks!

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