Attempts to connect an apple wireless keyboard to ubuntu, via a usb bluetooth adapter fail. I've tried several different keyboards with same result. Using bluetoothctl and all seems to go well until:

>Attempting to connect to 60:FB:42:09:BE:94  "the keyboard"
>[CHG] Device 60:FB:42:09:BE:94 Connected: yes
>[CHG] Device 60:FB:42:09:BE:94 ServicesResolved: yes
>Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.InProgress
>[CHG] Device 60:FB:42:09:BE:94 ServicesResolved: no
>[CHG] Device 60:FB:42:09:BE:94 Connected: no

Any ideas of what is missing or misconfigured?

UPDATE: In case it might be useful - problem is missing kernel module, hidp, which handles protocol for keyboards, etc. xubuntu was installed w/o any bluetooth devices in the machine so that module wasn't inserted. Adding it to /etc/modules solves the problem. If the bluetooth device is from Apple, you also need to add the hid-apple module.

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