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I realised this morning that I no longer have my Lightning calendar in Thunderbird. On searching I've found "Lightning is incompatible with Thunderbird 60.2.1"! Effectively I remember seeing that I was using Thunderbird 59.?? something, when the calendar was functioning but I can't remember what version of Lightning I was using. I'm using Ubuntu 18.04. I've lost all of my appointments! This is a bit much, Mozilla upgrading one part of Thunderbird thereby leaving an add-on impossible to use. Does anyone have any ideas ... and I have just sent a small donation !? Bob

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  • Sorry, I did look for precedents questions but didn't find one before posting mine. Thanks very much for the reply which worked prefectly, I was dreading the thought of trying to re-create everything! – Garoolgan Oct 16 '18 at 13:39

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