I have installed in the Eclipse IDE version 4.9.0 through the installer provided on the "Eclipse" home site and everything has worked well. After that, I have launched this application with the command line: ---->/opt/eclipse/jee-2018-09/eclipse/eclipse

Then the application started normally and the Eclipse Icon appeared correctly in the toolbar. After that I tried to access the Icon configuration but I couldn't manage to find out the right item in the menus in order to make this Icon permanent. And the consequence of this is that the Eclipse Icon disappears when I close the application. Usually, when I install applications through the Ubuntu package manager, I don't get any problems to make the application Icon permanent. But through a manual package installation, the Icon behaviour seems to be different. Many thanks if somebody has an idea to help me. Cordially Bye Mark

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Inspired by AndAC's answer to How can I add "Show desktop" to the GNOME dash or Ubuntu Dock?, here is a method to add a launcher for Eclipse to the Gnome dash:

Create a file eclipse.desktop in the directory $HOME/.local/share/applications containing the text

[Desktop Entry]

Open Gnome's application menu, search for "eclipse", and draw the icon which appears to the dash.


After I thought the "Eclipse 4.9.0" installation procedure I followed, I remembered that I forgot to create manually the desktop file as explained in page with the link below: [How to install Eclipse using its installer

If you read this page, you will see that it's a bug of eclipse installer since the installer normally should do this job. Then I got the idea that maybe there was a link between the Eclipse Icon behaviour problem and the lack of this file. And I was right since after I created this eclipse desktop file then now magically the "Eclipse Icon" behaves normally and it keeps its place when I move it inside the desktop bar. Sorry for the disturb, it was my fault. Cordially Bye Mark

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