Ubuntu 18.04 wakes immediately from suspend, and will revert this setting back after running echo XHC > /proc/acpi/wakeup.

  • So how can I run this command every time my ThinkPad wakes from suspend?


I've added the following wakeup.sh to be run as a systemd

echo XHC > /proc/acpi/wakeup

and used the service template found here: Execute a network script at wake-up with systemd (15.04)

the service is running but after 1 suspend XHC is enabled again.. is it not being run as sudo? how is this a thing in ubuntu? i just want my thinkpad to stay suspended.

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since this is posted no where on the internet, i hope this helps someone else

to run a command as su after wakeup create whatever.service in etc/systemd/system

Description=Run user script after suspend
After=basic.target suspend.target hibernate.target


WantedBy=basic.target suspend.target hibernate.target

then in home/you/whatever.sh


your command here


sudo chmod +x /home/you/whatever.sh

then run

systemctl daemon-reload


sudo systemctl enable whatever.service

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