When I open a program in my DE (even terminal, or appfinder except thunar), nothing shows up; then after some time, it shows me a crash report. Then I press ctrl+alt+f3 to switch from x server DE to a command line interface, I can now open programs like vim in the terminal, but not graphics needed programs like vscode. What should I do? (Restart didn't help, even restarting lightdm.service didn't)

  • Post the crash report? Oct 15, 2018 at 6:49

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Finally fixed. Removed vala-panel-appmenu, and it's ok now, but I'm wondered why? It has been a while I'm using appmenu as my global menu on xfce panel, but I rebuilt it because of some problems and this crash happened. Gonna open an issue on gitlab, for those who have my problem.

  • ctrl+alt+f3

  • $ sudo apt-get purge vala-panel-appmenu vala-panel-appmenu-common vala-panel-appmenu-registrar

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