I've recently started using Ubuntu 18.04 and I am facing a very obnoxious problem - there's no way of changing the keyboard layout with ANY keyboard shortcuts, system-wide, not just in a certain program.

At first I thought that my standard shortcut (super+space) was interfering with some other shortcut containing super, but alt+shift or ctrl + shift do not function either. However, I am able to change the layout using the tray icon and the setxkbmap command in the terminal. I have tried to set shortcuts manually through the custom shortcuts menu, using the same setxkbmap command - no dice. I've also attempted to reconfigure the keyboard through the terminal, still no effect. Changing settings in GNOME tweaks doesn't help.

I would really like to evade any kind of reinstallations and such. If this matters in any way - I am using Unity.


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Apparently, the problem was that I was using Unity. I changed my desktop environment to GNOME, checked the keyboard shortcut settings and found them off. After changing them back to normal and returning to Unity the issue was fixed.

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