I want to copy a partition from hd to another with small partition.

Must be:

  • support ext4 file system
  • can create image file for later use.
  • compress images files
  • copy only the used file system
  • restore to smaller and bigger partition in destination hd


  • Have network connection to one of the following protocol: ftp, sftp, ftps, webdad nfs
  • support other file system: ntfs, fat32, ext3, ext2
  • has a gui

I already see this questions and answer, but my question is more specific, and no good answers that help me.
other topic i already see:
How to clone to a smaller harddisk?
Cloning hard disk partition to smaller SSD on laptop
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  • Use rsync ...
    – Soren A
    Oct 12 '18 at 8:26
  • Can rsync create a compress image file?
    – Tal
    Oct 14 '18 at 6:40

My best solution for me is here:
boot with live cd with ubuntu 18-04.
enable "Universe" repository: enter image description here
install sshfs: sudo apt-get install sshfs
sshfs if you want to save or restore from remote server that has sftp protocol.
install qt5-fsarchiver from here: qt5-fsarchiver.
The project call qt4-fsarchiver.
fsarchiver has all the must thing i need:
FSArchiver ability

Must be:

  • "Ability to save/restore new generation linux filesystems (ext4, reiser4, btrfs)"
  • "Ability to restore the filesystem to a partition which is smaller than the original"
  • "Ability to restore the filesystem to a partition which is bigger than the original"
  • "Compression algorithms which are supported"

The optional stuff came from qt4-fsarchiver project and ubuntu live cd:


  • qt4-fsarchiver has gui.
  • ubuntu nautilus has network connection: ftp, ftps, sftp, nfs, webdav.
    (it was hard for me that qt5-fsarchiver will find the virtual folder of sftp or ftps, so i use sshfs)
  • use sshfs for mount sftp remote server
  • fsarchiver also support ext2, ext3, fat32, ntfs:
    "Ability to save/restore standard linux filesystems (ext2, ext3, reiserfs, xfs, jfs)"
    "Ability to save/restore windows ntfs filesystems"

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