What does this mean root@DESKTOP-9R2GIKO? I donk think this direct to my Disk.

When is use the ls command, the following is printed.

bin   dev  home  lib    media  opt   root  sbin  srv  tmp  var
boot  etc  init  lib64  mnt    proc  run   snap  sys  usr

I'm using Ubuntu Terminal in Windows 10 and I'm new.

  • root is the user name you are working with
  • DESKTOP-9R2GIKO is the host name

The output you are getting from ls is the content of / (root) in your file system hierarchy.

To make sure where you are you can run: pwd, it should return: /

To find out what each directory in ls output is contain and responsible of run:

man hier

For example it states that:

/ This is the root directory. This is where the whole tree starts.

To make sure about the meaning of root@DESKTOP-9R2GIKO you can run: echo $PS1, you should get an output containing/similar to:

\[\e]0;\u@\h: \w\a\]

Pay attention to \u@\h, \u is username, @ is a literal and \h is your host name.

If you run cat /etc/hostname you should also get: DESKTOP-9R2GIKO.

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By default, when you start a new shell (Terminal) in Ubuntu, the following will show up.

<name of user>@<name of host machine>

In your case, it's root@DESKTOP-9R2GIKO. So that means you are logged in as the root user to a machine named DESKTOP-9R2GIKO.

As for ls, it's a command which lists a directory's content.

If you are interested in learning more about the command line, I would strongly suggest taking some courses. You can find lots of free courses online. You can also find a brief description about in the tag's description here on Ask Ubuntu.

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