I want to configure fcitx (sogou-pinyin) input method on Kubuntu 18.04. First I configured basic keyboard layouts. Shortcut for switching layout is Caps Lock.

keyboard hardware & layout settings

After that, I installed fcitx and configured input methods. Switching shortcut is Ctrl+Shift, i.e. Caps Lock switches En/Ru, Ctrl+Shift switches En/Ch.

input method config

input method shortcuts

The problem is that fcitx always watches keyboard input. When fcitx is running, switching layouts and input methods (both with Caps Lock and Ctrl+Shift) is possible only when some text area controls (not just window) has focus. So that when I try to switch keyboard layout and/or input method in an applications such as web browser, I cannot do so.

So, I need solve this one of two ways, but I don't know how to realize.

  1. Allow fcitx to switch input method independently of what control has focus;
  2. Add a third keyboard layout - Chinese. Fcitx is activated only when Chinese keyboard layout is selected.

Any ideas?

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