In theory, if I can run it in FireFox, there should be no problem. Of course the devil is in the details. Has anyone tried this?

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    ehm. Why don't you tell us? We don't have a license ;-) It is webbased so the OS should not matter. If Microsoft is so childish to check for the user-agent you can spoof that. – Rinzwind Oct 11 at 13:19
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I have an Office 365 license for work, and it does indeed work from a Linux machine. (I didn't get the license by choice >.>)

The only difference is that if it's an Office for Business you have to go through your workplace's Sharepoint namespace rather than the online versions; however it will still function as normal.

Office 365 runs on my Ubuntu 18.04 via Firefox. Have 365 at work and can send & receive messages at home. Can also load & run Word & Excel at home. Not 100% functional but is doable. If you do not have access to 365, you would need to register with 365 and pay a fee to use it. It should still work with Linux & Firefox.

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