The national keyboard layout of my computer is in French. I added in the settings language and region another layout (or "input source") which is English (US).

When I switch to that US layout, the typing is US for all apps, however, the shortcut layout stays French in some apps (at least Pycharm and imageJ).

I do not know if it can be of any help, the keyboard input method system is ibus, and the input method config is:

The current configuration for the input method:
* Active configuration: ibus (normally missing)
* Normal automatic choice: ibus (normally ibus or fcitx or uim)
* Override rule:
* Current override choice: (en_GB)
* Current automatic choice: ibus
* Number of valid choices: 3 (normally 1) The override rule is defined in /etc/default/im-config. The configuration set by im-config is activated by re-starting X. Explicit selection is not required to enable the automatic configuration, if the active one is default/auto/cjkv/missing. Available input methods: ibus maliit xim Unless you really need them all, please make sure to install only one input method tool.

  • Does it have anything to do with "national/native" layout as your question suggests? As per your answer it seems Pycharm and imageJ detects only the first keyboard layout. Once you push "English (US)" to the first place as per your answer, are you able to switch to French layout in Pycharm and imageJ? – pomsky Oct 12 at 13:11

In the settings, tab Language and Region, the list of the input sources, English(US) needs to be in the first place.

settings languages re-odering

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